Saturday, December 22, 2012

"Five Bullets, Five Names" Resumes shooting!

I guess the big news of late is I've resumed filming my formerly shelved film noir project, "Five Bullets, Five Names", which I started over five years ago shooting on 16mm film.  The film turned out to be cost prohibitive and I abandoned the project.

I was encouraged to get back into it by many involved because they saw the value in the story.  The lead actor, David Daley, was particularly instrumental in resurrecting it.

This time, we're shooting it on HD video and the results are fantastic, not only in terms of the image, but in the quality of the acting and because I've learned a lot about storytelling and filmmaking in the last five years.

This is a frame grab of some of the original 16mm footage, which cost me about $1000 in film and processing.  This didn't include the two 16mm cameras I'd purchased at about $250 each - one of which I recently gave away for nothin'.

This is a frame grab from the HD video shot on a consumer grade camcorder which cost me $250 including the SD memory card.  Same location, same lead actor in the same waredrobe (different Amazon), same time of day, but five years later with modern equipment.

Needless to say, this project has progressed a lot further with far better results on video.  As well, this time around I have a lot more professional actors and crew helping out and I've been ridiculously fortuitous in securing locations and participation.

Going all out on the film noir look.

I should also mention my lovely lady, Ms. Candace, has also been incredibly supporting in terms of moral and even production equipment.  A lot of this wouldn't be possible without her.

It's going to be something we can all be proud of.

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