Monday, February 24, 2014

Big update on "Five Bullets, Five Names"

A few months ago, we ran an Indiegogo campaign to raise funds to finish shooting "Five Bullets, Five Names".   We reached 46% of our goal, which worked out to $1,620, a very respectable amount!  With that, we will now be able to buy insurance to shoot at previously unavailable locations, although one has burnt down and that sent us scrambling for a backup.

We've also purchased a green screen rig with some of the funds, so we can shoot our effects shots far more easily and really nail that period look.

...and very importantly, we'll be able to shoot here.

Remember, all the 16mm footage was either unusable or lost.

We will also more easily be able to do our out of town shoots with gas and hotel money in the bank.  A lot of the old character Palliser City used to have is gone, but remains in outlying areas, so we have to drive to those places.  Pleasingly, an outdoor neon sign museum has opened in Edmonton just this past weekend, so that's probably on the locations list now.  Why fake it if you can just drive to it?

So a big thanks goes out to all our 35 supporters, without whom this would take a lot longer to accomplish.

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