Sunday, January 10, 2010

Stop, or I'll shoot!

As well as making props and designing and producing Special Effects, I shoot films.
Mine and those of others. Here are a few screen shots of some of the recent ones.
Most of these are digital versions of super8 film.

A full frame blowup from "Longshot"

"Longshot" and "World needs Kaos: Episode 3"

"Five Bullets, Five Names"

"14 Days from Damnation"

"the Rape of Mr. Smith" and "Longshot"

"Longshot" and "Heart of the Deal"

"I, Claus" and "Ironshield"

"Dance 4 Play"

I'm not sure if I have any particular style, but I understand film cameras and people keep asking me to shoot for them. My films are always well received as well.

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