Monday, February 8, 2010

My T-shirt designs

These were done back in my Graphic Designer days. Man, I did that for about 12 years, eight at the same company. I was particularly proud of this set as I saw and knew many people who bought the t-shirts. None of them knew 'til later that I was the artist behind the designs. I met a lovely lady recently who told me she'd collected many of them, maybe even all of them.

This next one was actually rejected, but I like it just the same:

These last two are my last two produced T-shirt designs, the last one being my favourite ever.
Pardon the poor photos, I didn't take the shots.

There's all kinds of cool stuff hidden in this one; things like a Maori warrior and a snake skeleton and lots of other weirdness.

Apparently, these are still popular. I haven't been working there in a long time and they're still selling these designs.

If you want one, go to and tell 'em "Mr. Sable" sent ya.

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