Thursday, February 11, 2010

Photo Editing

One of my favourite things to do is to edit photos. Oh, sure, I like to shoot them too, but editing can be a lot of fun.

The composite image above is built of eight separate photos. The background, middle ground, and foreground are three separate elements. In the image below there are two additional photos used. The missionary's head and body are two separate people (and sort of unconvincing as well as making the shot too busy, so he's removed). The 'cabinet card' frame is one of the eight photos... and that was edited to remove the studio's logo and address. A matching typeface and vastly different geographic location was used. The lettering is also not of uniform colour (ink fades as do photos) and is very slightly embossed to appear stamped or printed.

The female model's figure, face, and clothing have been changed, as has the angle of her head (to accommodate the new face). That wasn't all that easy, but I enjoy a challenge. The price tag has been removed from the spear. Nothing has been done to the male figure other than lightening the shadows.

Click the photo for a larger view.

The photos were deliberately shot in the light and shade of trees so the figures would better match a jungle background. When you plan your composite photos in advance like this, you can get some pretty awesome results.

This was originally done as a study for a painting, but I'm not that good a painter. Though I do know I'm a hell of a photographer and photo editor.

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