Friday, March 19, 2010

Graphic work

I was asked to update a 1940's business card for a client. It belonged to a relative of his and I suspect it's as much a tribute as it is just a plain cool design. I didn't have the long lost type styles as the original had; I suspect they existed only as movable lead type, but I think I caught the period feel with similarly deco fonts. I did away with the hand drawn shading on the city because I thought the solid (or a halftone) would be bolder and more graphic as well as thinking the lines might not print well.

Oh, and he wanted a dirigible. Well, who doesn't want a dirigible?! Wouldn't make sense to leave it out considering the company name.

This one was fun to do. Often many different clients will ask for the same damn bulldog they've seen on someone else's logo and can't be convinced that maybe a new one would be better. Those kind of copies are the kind I find boring, as opposed to this rare and historical reproduction and update. These are what I enjoy.

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